Easy SUSHI at home!

spicy CRAB ROLL at HOME!

It really is easy… if you have any questions feel free to ask!

Spicy Crab Roll


Crab (imitation or real)

Nori (Roasted seaweed papers)

Cucumber (Julienned)

Avocado (Sliced thin)

Carrot (Julienned)

Cream Cheese (Softened)

Panko Crumbs

Rice vinegar

Jasmine rice

Coconut water

Parchment paper


Sriracha Sauce (We used Louisiana hot sauce)


  • Use a mesh strainer or other small hole strainer and rinse two cups of jasmine rise under cold water until the water runs clear.
  • Cook rice as directed… instead of water we used 2 cups of coconut water and 1/2 cup of rice wine vinegar (For two cups of uncooked rice). The reason for this is it gives the rice an amazing flavor and it made it sticky without being overly sticky.

This is what I thought would be the tricky part… but it ended up working beautifully:

  • Lay out a sheet of Parchment paper
  • Cut a piece of Nori in half and lay the shiny, slick side face down.
  • Take about a baseball sized ball of rice out of the cooker and put in a glass bowl. Allow it to cool. (If you put hot rice on the Nori it will become extremely chewy!)
  • Once cool take either a wooden spoon or something similar and spread the rice on the rough side of the Nori paper by mashing it to the edges. (what worked best for me is to spread it with my hands… wet or damp hands work best so the rice sticks to the nori and not your hands!)
  • Take the Nori paper with the mashed rice on it and flip it over on the parchment paper so the rice is facing down.
  • On approximately 1/4 of the nori spread the filling lengthwise (include a small amount of sticky rice here too). (recipe for filling at the end)
  • Add vegetables and cream cheese.
  • Using your fingers and the parchment paper start to roll the sushi inward using your fingers to keep the ingredients in the middle. Pull it tightly so that there are not any air pockets. Continue to roll and squeeze.
  • Once your roll is complete you may put Panko crumbs along the top side of the roll.
  • To cut it use a serraded knife. If your knife sticks dip in water and continue cutting.

Recipe for Spicy Crab mixture:

1/4 cup Hellmans Mayonnaise, Sriracha or Louisiana hot sauce to taste and crab meat.

Don’t let the long ingredient list or detailed instructions scare you away from trying this! It really was super easy and this was my very first time to make sushi! (And I made it in the kitchen of an RV)

If you have any questions… use the comment form and I will be HAPPY to try to answer them!¬†

**As always feel free to visit us at Happily Uprooted to follow our travels around the country in our RV!**


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