Mobile Mansion

We are often asked “how do you do it? What do you live in?” So, we decided to create a page dedicated to our hardworking rig that keeps up with us across the country!

Our setup:

2012 Chevrolet 3500 pulling a 2011 Heartland Big Country 3494QBS

Our Master bedroom:

The bathroom: (we spared you the toilet!)

Our Livingroom: 

The kitchen:

The boys room after the remodel!

There used to be futon type bunks on the bottom and we tore them out for more floor space!

Now you have seen our HOME… that’s right… it isn’t an RV or travel trailer to us…

it is our home and we love it and the freedom it gives us! 

We love feedback! What would you like to see? What questions do you have for us? Leave a comment below!

We changed it up some more! Our home is always a work in progress! Here are some updated pictures of the boys room after our little trip to Ikea! 


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