Our Family

Welcome to our family site!

A little about our family:

  • Patrick is the man of the house, he works as a UXO (Unexploded Ordnance Technician) all around the country. To put it in simple terms he clears old bombing ranges. He also is an Air Force reservist EOD (Explosive Ordnanace Disposal) technician.
  • Owen is the big boy… now 5years old. He enjoys riding his bike, exploring the new places we go, home school and annoying his little brother.
  • Grant is the baby of the family… now 3 years old. He loves airplanes, museums, hero figurines, exploring new places we visit, dirt and getting Owen in trouble!
  • Jennifer is the brave wife and mommy to this crew. She enjoys traveling, shopping, movies, crafts, blogging, home schooling and cooking.

Together as a family we travel the country and more in our 40 foot fifth wheel travel trailer following Patrick as he clears bombing ranges… our next adventure is just a contract away.


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