Kids Bowl Free ALL SUMMER!

We found this cool program that let’s kids bowl 2 games a day, everyday, FREE all summer long!

Shoe rental is not included, but at most bowling alleys they have 1.00 day so our total cost for 2 hours of bowling entertainment was 2.00 for shoes and 1.99 for a giant popcorn and drinks!

4.00 for the whole family to have fun for 2 hours is pretty great!


You are given the option to add up to four adults on for 24.95 at the end of registration and it gives those adults 2 free games a day all summer long also! We found it to be well worth it!

Check it out today!


Sign up, Print out your coupons and GO BOWL!


Today we went to a Home Depot kids workshop! The workshop and tools are free to use and the kids get to take home their wooden race car and home depot apron… Complete with a pin they earn for completing the workshop!



The whole thing start to finish took about 30 minutes. I imagine it would take longer if you only brought one adult and more kids!

The kids enjoyed hammering and using wood glue… But for my boys the bright orange race car was the ultimate prize!

Find a workshop in your area!!





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